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Campaign: Educational Delivery

Add Student PC's and Printing/Scanning Capibilities to JCC.

Students are continually requesting access to staff PC's within the JCC for online use, registration and printing. Due to 100% of the CCI coursework being offered at JCC, this is a support service that needs additional consideration. Currently, there are 2 PC's in the CCI Reference Library that serve an estimated 225 students. Also, a printing and scanning solution needs to be implemented.

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Campaign: Customer Service Focus

CCI Books

To have a place on a board in CCI where people can post when they have a book they want to sell. It could be just the name of the book, the name of the person selling the book, how to contact them and maybe the price. It is just a display area. Each person who posts will have to manage their own posting.

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Campaign: Educational Delivery

Outdoor Picnic Tables

I would really love it if CCI would have a WIFI accessible picnic area for students to utilize for between classes or after. Providing picnic tables in an outdoor setting would be a great addition to improve student life at our campus giving us a place to refresh, regroup, study, and commune.

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